Genres of electronic dance music

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Deep House

Deep House could be defined as a sub-genre of Chicago House, but in a last few years it has become one of the most popular at the whole EDM scene with its new modern quality sounds and pitched vocals. Similar to Bassline House.

Club House

The most wide spreaded & without precise borders of the style. Originated in the late 80s in Chicago, absorbing elements of soul music and disco.

Tech House

This genre is a combination of Techno & House music.

Progressive House

Most of the tracks are of a good sound qulity. At the begining progressive house is an amercan house, that was complemented by italian flavor in the early 90th.

Organic / Melodic House

Soulful House

This is the gentle kind of music, which is appropriate for music lovers of any kind, even without idea what electronic music is. The genre is often characterized with the presence of live instruments and vocals.

Electro House

The main characteristic of this genre is an heave electro sound and a special way of drum beat, which is extremely simple and never changes from track to track in this genre. Electro house was especially popular in the early 2000th and it has got a lot of fans at the present time yet.

Bassline House

The genre is a direct extension of UK Garage. Similar rhythm and emphasis on bass linke. It has gained wide popularity in recent years along with Deep House.

Disco House

This genre Is an inheritor of classic disco. This is one of the first melodic genres of electronic music itself. It is known for presence of vocals, piano, strings, brass and other live sounds combined with short drum loop and specific bassline.

Future House

Future house is a music genre that described as a fusion of deep house and UK garage and incorporating other elements and techniques of other EDM genres.

Funky House

This section contains tracks, that include funk elements, such as short parts of guitar, bass guitar or keyboards.

Tribal House / Afro House

This genre is one of the most minimalistic one, because no melodic instruments and melodies are usually used in the tracks of Tribal house, but you can hear a lot ethnic percussion though.

Chicago / Jackin House

Also called Detroit House. One of the oldest house genre. It has clear swinging house beat. Chigaco itself is a place where two first vinyl dubplates were mixed.


Although G-House or Gangsta House is considered an offshoot of Chicago House, at the moment G-House has received its clear sound, characterized by a clear jerky "impudent" bass line, far from the classic sound of Chicago House.

Vocal House

The title of this genre is a also its description. Usually, it is the gentle house music with a full vocals.

Minimal House

In a present time it is possible to say, that minimal house doesn't exist, but minimal techno at the same time can be considered its successor.

Moombahton / Carnival

This genre is described as slow Dutch House, although it is not entirely true.

Big Room / Dutch House

Subgenre formed by combination of Electro House and Micro House. Drums have become simpler, leaving literally kick and hi-hats.

Tropical House

It is believed that this is a kind of Deep House, but the sound of Tropical House is quite different, both from the classic and the modern Deep House. The genre is characterized by the “beach” sound, as well as the presence of instruments such as flute, marimba and acoustic guitar.

Latino House

The name is a description for this one. This is a house music with elements of latino culture: a lot of percussion sounds and guitars,

Hard / Pumping House

Hard beat, fast tempo, and special well-known bassline combined with cheerful vocals & melodies.

Fidget House / Dirty Electro

It used to be considered a form of Electro house, but from the middle 2000th it is independent kind of music with more rare but compressed power beat with extremely distorted garage basslines.

Acid / Oldschool House

Classy type of House music. It was born in the end of 80th and can be recognized for minor chord parts, that sound "acid".

French House

French House can be described as speed and looped Disco House. It's a kind of a Disco House and Techno Blend.

Bass House

There is no common Bass House definition, it's just House music with a lot of Bass samples. It's often described as a combination of House and Dubstep.

Fitness House

Genre that will be great to listen to in gym. It's like fater house starting from 135 BPM.


A style that originated in the early 2000s in the southern regions of the United States. It is characterized by aggressive lyrics and the use of 808 sub-bass kicks and hi-hats, as well as artificially low vocals, multiple synthesizer sounds superimposed on each other.


It has a polished record production style, drum machine-backed rhythms, an occasional saxophone-laced beat to give a jazz feel; and a smooth, lush style of vocal arrangement.

New School Rap

The era of the “new school” is associated with the works such artist as Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, Juice Crew A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, the texts of which were Afrocentrism, and the bits were based on electronic sampling.


Style was created in 1990ths in Panama & Puerto-Rico under Reggae influence, dancehall & hip-hop. It has more dynamic and dance rythm than classic hip-hop.

Lo-Fi / Instrumental Hip-Hop

Subgenre that has musical foundation of Hip-Hop, but has no vocals or few vocal samples.

Gangsta Rap

It is a subgenre of hip hop music that evolved from hardcore hip hop. The genre was pioneered in the mid-1980s by rappers such as Schoolly D and Ice-T, and was popularized in the later part of the 1980s by groups like N.W.A.

Old School Rap

It is a name given to a period in mainstream hip hop, usually cited as being a period varying in time frames during the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s said to be characterized by its diversity, quality, innovation and influence. One of the definitive characteristics of this genre is the proliferation of sample-heavy music.

Jazz Rap / Jazz-Hop

Jazz samples, positive lyrics & lots of live instruments combined with hip-hop beats - that is what Jazz Rap is all about.


It incorporates multi-layered and melodic synthesizers, slow hypnotic grooves, a deep bass, background female vocals, the extensive sampling of P-Funk tunes, and a high-pitched portamento saw wave synthesizer lead.

Abstract / alternative Hip-hop

It is a sub-genre of hip hop that challenges the dominant cultural, political, philosophical, and economic consensus. It is often characterized by socially conscious, positive, or anti-commercial lyrics.

Miami Bass

Its roots are directly linked to the electro-funk sound of the early 1980s. The use of the Roland TR-808 sustained kick drum, raised dance tempos, and frequently sexually explicit lyrical content differentiate it from other hip hop sub genres.


Classic Techno

The Genre was born in middle 80th in Detroit. It has atrificial sound with an accent to mechanical rhymes and multiple loops of the main music elements.

Deep / Melodic Techno

The name of the genre speaks for itself. Deep techno features a deeper and slower sound than classic techno.

Minimal Techno

Minimalist sub-genre of techno, characterized by atonality, ascetic, deliberately simplified sound scene.

Dub Techno

Techno with hip-hop parts. Extremely fast tempo and explicit lyrics.

Hardcore / Happy Hardcore

The genre was originated in the early 90th, when musicians started experiments with the tempo of techno music. This sub-genre is characterized by very fast tempo and using of atonal industrial sounds as well as the distorted kick drum.

Hard Techno / Acid Techno

The techno subgenre, which appeared after 2000 from a mixture of Shranz and Hardcore Techno. It is characterized by a fast tempo of 150 BPM and higher, as well as distorted kick drums.

Tribal Techno

Techno with ethnic elements. Mostly recognized for its saturated percussions.

Progressive Trance

The name of the genre is explained by the fact that musical compositions belonging to this genre contain so-called progressions, which are a lot of special effects, comprehensively developed drums that create the feeling the track is developing and progressing, rather than repeating itself together with a constantly evolving melody,

Classic Trance

The genre probably came from a fusion of techno, house, and ambient. Trance got its name because of the repeating, smoothly changing bass and rhythmic melodies that immerse the listener in a trance-like state.

Prog Psy-Trance / PsyTech

It is symbiosis of Psychedelic and Progressive Trance.

Uplifting Trance

The name of this genre can be explained by the fact that Uplifting trance tracks have high-octave melodies that sound very thin, easy and beautiful (melodic).

Psychedelic Trance

The genre separated from the Goa Trance in the middle 90th. Musical athmosphere is contrated on "psychodelia". Psy Trance is subdivided into numerous additional genres, such as Dark Psy (heavy), Psybient (Gentle), or Suomi (both heavy & gentle)

Hard trance

Subgenre has harder and faster rhythm than ordinary trance. The sound of Hard Trance is similar to Hardcore and Hardstyle.

Vocal Trance

Vocal Trance can be considered as a part of Pop music, but its internal structure is taken from House and Trance and has not a lot in common with pop songs.

Electro / NRG Trance

The mixture of Trance and Electro House from wich it has vorrowed electric bass parts.

Full On

Full-on is a more melodic form of psychedelic trance, which first appeared in Israel in the late 90s. The style is characterized by a higher tempo.

GOA Trance

Trance, originated in the late 80s in the province of Goa, India.

Liquid Funk/Drumfunk

Liquid funk is a genre with a deep gentle sound and a variety of basslines.

Neuro Funk

Modern Drum'n'Bass sub genre, specified by a extreme sharpness of the sound, achieved by hard sawtooth or "chewing" basslines combined with power broken beat.

Techstep / Deep DnB

Hard samples and pure short drum sounds is good to clearly understand what the broken beat is.

Jump Up / Rollers DnB

"Jump Up" was popular in the middle and the end of 90th. It has simple sound and melodies mixed with power melodic basslines. Hip-Hop vocals is often used in "Jump Up"

Soulful DnB / Mainstream

Drum'n'Bass sub-genre. that gained popularity in the 2000s. Melodic power club sound with the use of live instruments and vocals is characteristic for this genre.

Jungle / Oldschool DnB

All the modern Drum'n'Bass exist due to this genre. It appeared only because of one short drum solo, performed by Gregory Coleman in "Amen, Brother" song. The world famous sample "Amen Breal" was taken from that solo and became the basis of new genre and often used by musicians up to present time

Ragga / Ragga Jungle

Raggae Vocals mixed with jungle - that's how it started. Can be considered one of the first vocal DnB genre.

Drumstep / Futurebeats

Basically, this is the the faster kind of Dubstep, which is now played on DnB parties.

Hardstep / Crossbreed

This subgenre has strong emphasis on the rhythm. Very heavy samples are used for bass and percussion sounds. A completely crazy rhythm and poor melody.


Hard and heavy percussion soundsa with mystical tunes - that's how darkstep can be described. Pure saturation of drums, rough tough bassline and ambient noises usuallycomplete the gloomy picture of this kind of music.

Dubstep / Melodic Dubstep

Dubstep started in early 2000th in the south London, as a Garage sub genre. Dubstep has about 140 BPM, domintating low frequency basslines and sparse breakbeats in the background.

Glitch Hop

A modern version of the Glitch that originated in the 90s. Nowadays, Glitch Hop tracks have powerful shock section, very short samle cuts, a sharp sound and a general rock mood.

Deep Dubstep

Dubstep subgenre with more calm and deep sound.


Chillstep is a mixture of Dubstep and Chillout music. Calm melody and classic live instruments combined with modern sythesizers.


The genre, created in early 2000th on the cross of Garage & Hip-hop. Broken beat and very fast rapping is how Grime can be described.

Booty Breaks / Miami Bass

One of the most common and popular subgenres of Breaks, which often uses samples of modern hit songs. It is characterized by club sound, suitable for a wide range of listeners.


Breakbeat is a broad genre of electronic music that utilizes breaks, often sampled from funk,jazz and rock earlier recordings.

Bass / Future Bass

Future bass is a kind of electronic dance music characterised by less intense drops, pulsating synth chords, exotic percussion and sometimes brass sounds.

Ghetto Funk / Funky Breaks

A kind of Breaks music, which can vary greatly in tempo, rigidity, or other parameters, but always includes jerky funk samples of guitars, keyboards, and other live instruments.

Electro / Progressive Breaks

This subgenre is characterized by crisp and loud drum parts along with hard electric sounds or repeating parts typical for Progressive.

Trance / Atmospheric Breaks

The name of the genre speaks for itself. It combines classic Breaks Rhythms and atmospheric sound of Trance music.

Chillout / Lounge

The style of electronic music, the name of which came from the English slang to chill out - cool, relax.


A genre of electronic music characterized by reliance on timbral modulations, lack of rhythm and atmospheric sound. Ambient was born in the 1970s. and since then has formed several varieties, from the lightest to the toughest and experimental.

Chill Trap

Trap subgenre with less agressive sound.


Subgenre is characterized by a slow tempo, mosly broken. It close to trip-hop but has less depressive sound.

Psybient / Psychill

A genre of electronic music that combines elements of psychedelic trance, ambient, downtempo, dub, ethnic music, new age music

DJ Tools

Nu Disco / Indie Dance

The modern type of Disco with highly compressed sounds and many cutted sounds. It has lower tempo than a classic Disco House though. Sometimes sounds similar to modern funky breaks!


One of the most diverse electronic music genre, which may include any tracks, that could not be related to any other genre.

UK Garage / Speed Garage

This genre appeared in the middle 90th under the influence american garage sound and early drum'n'bass, where basslines were borrowed. High pitched romantic vocals are often used in UK Garage songs.

Funk / Synth Funk

Classic funk combined with the modern groovy drum loops and often digital basslines becomes Synth Funk.

Future Garage

Heavily modified UK or 2-step Garage. The genre has inherited many elements from different styles of electronic music, mainly incorporating the softest elements.


Intelligent Dance Music. This is a name for some genres of electronic music that do not fit into the traditional framework. The emphasis on the word “intelligent” indicates that this type of music has certain characteristics that are different from the characteristics of "ordinary music". These characteristics may be the degree of compositional difficulties, using non-trivial ideas and moves, using unusual sound tones, special emotional and informational content.

Synth Pop/wave

The genre appeared in UK and Japan in the late 1970s. The main feature of the genre is the leadin sythesiser sound, which dominates over all other instruments. The genre doesn't try to simulate real instruments, but in oppsite concentrates on the artificial origin of the sound.

Jazz / Acid Jazz

A genre that needs no introduction. The genre appeared in early 1920s in the USA. Jazz has many varieties from the classical orchestral jazz to the modern Acid Jazz.

Dub / Reggae

Reggae appeared in the begining of 1970s in Jamaica. Dub is kind of reggae with less vocals or completely without vocals. Dub has a great influence on all modern electronic music genres, including House, DnB and Hip-Hop.


Garage sub-genre very similar to UK and Speed Garage, but with twice less kick hits. Essentialy it is Garage with the broken beat.


A musical genre that can be defined as a slow House, with BPM of 100-110. Basically, though not always, hard electro samples are used.

Classic Pop

Pop music does not have any restrictions and can sound very different from track to track, but it always has clear meanings of lyrics, simplicity of melody and harmony.

Pop Rock

Pop Rock is pretty similar to Pop, but with Rock elements, usually live instruments, such as guitars and drums.


K-Pop is a modern and very popular genre, that was born in South Korea. It has very "sweet" sound along with brught colorful videos.


Dance-Pop - this is obviously pop music for dancing with elements from electronic music, mostly House.

Classic Rock

Classic Rock is an origin of all other Rock genres.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock

Indie rock

Indie rock



Progressive Rock

Progressive Rock

Punk Rock

Punk Rock

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

Speed Metal

Speed Metal

Death Metal

Death Metal

Black Metal

Black Metal

Alternative Metal

Alternative Metal

Progressive Metal

Progressive Metal

Classic Blues


Blues Rock

Blues Rock

Rhythm & Blues

Rhythm & Blues

Classic Country


Country Blues

Country Blues



Classic Folk


Folk Rock

Folk Rock

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